CSS Jungle

I threw in a quick fix for IE/Win into the skidoo and lean layouts last friday. Of course that triggered a bug in Safari for the Mac which made the left and right columns unusable. So I’ve since wrapped the all-encompasing position: relative IE fix inside an IE-targeted CSS selector using the * html hack. That’s fixed Safari and things are back to ‘normal’.

The IE Blog. Run by the people developing IE. When I read the title, “I Love This Browser!”, I at first through the guy was talking about FireFox, but it turns out he actually means Internet Explorer. Apparently the guy(s) over at MS don’t develop CSS-based websites. Nor will they anytime soon, from the looks of things. This “blog” *cough*lame attempt to reach out to the alienated community*cough* is focused on the lost users who switched to a better browser because of security issues. Well that’s all well and dandy, but buddies, there’s a lot more to the story than just security. And that’s why IE will continue to lose market share, they don’t see the whole picture.

Tim Berners-Lee got knighted a couple weeks ago. Who? Probably the same thing the Queen was thinking. He’s, essentially, the guy who created what most people term as the “Internet” but what in reality is a small (but significant) portion of it called the “World Wide Web”. It’s probably better if you read the press release rather than me try to summarize what he’s done. What do you suppose is the bigger thrill: being knighted, or being mentioned in Lain? Tough one.

XHTML 2: Building upon Berner-Lee’s … er, Sir Berner-Lee’s original vision of universally accessible information, it takes XHTML several steps further in stripping the presentation logic from the data itself. The idea is that the structure and content of the data should be completely separate from the presentation. Presentation is created with CSS or XSLT.

XHTML 2 looks pretty interesting, but it will probably be several more years before the full adoption of the new markup over the old (and keep in mind this is still in draft form). I’ll be most interested in seeing how the use of the href attribute, now available to any element, will be adopted. It’s a novel approach, any element can be ‘clickable’ now, but is that going to lead to some confusion between what the src and href attributes do? We shall see.

The server hosting the layouts and stuff has been acting ‘odd’ since a power failur last week. So expect intermittent connectivity (and other) issues for a week or two more. I got nothing to do with administering that box, so don’t look at me. Blame the kittens.


0 thoughts on “CSS Jungle

  1. Hey! Great CSS layouts. I’ve been looking around the net for some freebies and yours are by far the most complete ones out there. I’m just learning html and css (since the beginning of the summer, anyway) and I’m using some of these layouts as learning tools, as well as ways to put some websites together.

    Thanks again.

    Rick Scheibner

  2. Hi! great! what a coincidence!
    just 2 months ago I putted my new web-site… it is about the same thing of this article (CSS bugs and hacks) and it is called CSS Jungle!
    I didn’t know about this article when I made it!

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