80% Lean

I’ve put together what I’m calling Skidoo (Lean) which is a stripped-down version of the original skidoo layout. I put that together, as well as a rewrite of the explanation of the layout’s structure, after reading a comment on an ALA article about negative margin layouts.

I actively seek out comments on these layouts, especially criticism. I want to know what’s wrong because I want to provide as hassle-free a layout as possible. I don’t even think I should call it a layout… it’s more of a layout template. The nitty-gritty CSS crap that is needed to get the basic layout working, that’s what I provide. It’s up to you to make it look pretty.

Back to the feedback thing… I find there are more comments about Skidoo outside of this blog and the e-mails I receive. So every so often I hit Google in search of sites that might have a comment or two somewhere about the layout. All this feedback helps me and it helps everyone else using the site. There’s bound to be a ton of questions about how certain aspects of the layout work, or how to get something to work with it. I just can’t think up of them all… I see things one color and need help from everyone else to see the rainbow.

Well.. that was a little too pretentious. So I’ll quit now. Cheers.


0 thoughts on “80% Lean

  1. Thanks for the work you’re putting out for us. Right now I’m exploring options for upgrading a content-rich site (see URL) that was first developed in 1997, then modestly revamped before Y2K, and still only includes small amounts of css-formatting. In considering options for a standards-compliant (x)html overhaul, I find that a lot of what’s out there is a couple of years old, and it’s nice to see your work still in progress. And yes, I do still check my work against NN4.

  2. I’m finding that one of my criteria for using a 3-column demo is that it show up alright in the “design” view on Dreamweaver MX (ver 6.0, on a Mac). The 3-column skidoo version looks… okay. It’s all in black and white, and at least the boxes don’t overlap as badly as they do in so many of the demos. But for some reason, the contents of the right column don’t show up at all. I can click and drag in the “design view” space vertically between left and main columns, which highlights sections of the code, but nothing shows up in the design view.

    So we might say that the “view” degrades fairly well in Dreamweaver, and it does seem to look good in the actual browsers. I’m assuming this is a bug and that I’ll find ways to work around it. The “lean” version looks terrible in the design view of my Dreamweaver, by the way.

    First project: Combine the style sheets (put them in the header of the document) and see if/how that affects the design view in Dreamweaver…

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