Tools of the Trade

First I’d like to thank the people who’ve e-mailed me in the past couple of days about the layouts offering kind words and samples, or at least discussion, of development that’s been done using one of the layouts. I really enjoy hearing from people, especially about modfications you’ve made, so keep it coming.

Been reading a bit today about Solaris 10 and the new key features such as DTrace and zones and so I decided to get a copy and try it out for myself. I’ve only got the basic install done right now.. I hope to play around with Solaris over the new couple weeks, especially with DTrace.. but first I need to figure out how to install a web browser, and increase the color depth beyond 256. :)

Tools of the trade.

I use Crimson Editor for everything. I code with it, I create web pages with it, and I do all my CSS layout development with it. It’s lightweight, can handle large (100mb) files, and it’s free.

It seems every time a co-worker takes a peek over my shoulder and sees Crimson Editor they can’t believe how easy it is to use, the nifty syntax coloring, and that it’s free. And that barely scratches the surface of all its features.

I do a lot of Cold Fusion development and I use CE for that as well while my copy of Dreamweaver MX collects dust.

Perhaps a glorified text editor isn’t exactly the most efficient way to develop websites or webapps, but at the end of the day, I certainly know every minute detail that goes into whatever it is I’m working on, and that helps me sleep better at night.

Perhaps Dreamweaver deserves some time on my screen. A few weeks ago I was given a reason to start it up and develop a quick webapp with it. It was pretty nifty. The help docs that come with it provide some really solid demos on how to quickly get things done with Dreamweaver. Now I’m almost ready to believe the demo I saw at a Macromedia conference last year in which the presentor developed a dynamic, db-driven website from scratch inside of 10 minutes.

So what I’m trying to do here is acknowledge that Dreamweaver is probably very useful, and that I should probably try using it more, but my copy of Crimson Editor isn’t going to be uninstalled anytime soon. It’s like those old-school UNIX gurus who couldn’t think of using anything else than vi.

I think I’ve pimped CE enough.


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