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I don’t want to lose these links, and at the same time I think others might be interested in checking them out, if they haven’t already.

First up is Molly Holzschlag’s article on long-term CSS hack management. Basic idea is keep your browser-specific CSS hacks separate from the rest of your CSS. That way you can drop browser support pretty easily when the time comes for such a thing.

This leads to Tantek’s Mid Pass Filter which allows you to present a stylesheet seen only by IE5/Win browsers.

Which leads to this article on Stopdesign on how to target IE5/Mac. There’s even a detailed article on how exactly that particular hack works.

Which leads to the CSS hack reference I use on a daily basis.

Andy Budd has an article on validation and tackles the debate on whether validation is a tool, or a must. I have a bit of a rant on this myself, sitting in the comments of the skidoo base.css stylesheet. My perspective: validation is a tool, not an absolute law. As long as you understand the rules you’re breaking, and the effects of breaking those rules, then it’s perfectly fine.

In browsing several website design sites I’ve decided I need to work on developing some cooler designs. But do I keep doing demos with addon-on stylesheets or do I need to start moving past skidoo?

Your thoughts?


0 thoughts on “Glorified Bookmark Page

  1. Well interesting comment. I think the thing that I really like about skidoo is how easily it is to work with and is a very clean markup to begin with.

    Only thing that may be usefull to some whould be some extra divs for wrapping content in rounded corners or something like that. Even so though I have not seen one good solution to this as I dont consider 4-8 extra divs to be elegant and the ones that use fewer divs seem to break up under different browsers.

    As for extending and doing fancy stuff. Well I already have skidoo doing some fairly nice thigns already. I have kept the same waht you do and keep adding extra css sheets for extra content and feaures.

    So far I have added css buttons and spent many days optimizing the usage of background pics to work almost reasonable even in ie. I even have some nice background fixed things going on that ie seems to be using very well. Really I was suprosed as I kind of stumbled onto it by mistake but it works very well to give the see through look for at least some things.

    let me finish things up and mail it to you to see.

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