Just a quick response to Webmedic’s question he posted to the previous entry.

<snip>… you mentioned that you would be updating the templates to fix the one issue with needing an extra div, have you already done this?

Yup. All the (now) needless empty DIV elements have been removed from all the templates within the skidoo site. There’s still one left that I need for Netscape 4, but I hope to eventually find a way around that as well.

Also since I’m developing on top of your layouts for my own themes, if I come up with extra css sheets for it to do other things would you like those for your demo pages?

Absolutely. Anybody who is developing with any of the layouts, that’s willing to share their CSS, I’d love to get a copy of to include as a demo for that layout. Either by linking directly to the site or by providing a templated version of the layout with the additional stylesheet(s). I think it’d be really interesting to see what others do with the layouts, and it might help yet others find new ways to approach the design of their own layouts.

So if you’re willing to share, please e-mail me with either a copy of the stylesheet(s) or a link to your site. And if your mods include modifications to the markup of the template, send along the HTML page as well.

Thanks for offering!


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