Le Bugs Le Gone

First, a couple new demos up, here and here.

I’ve also fixed the IE ghost text and ghost element bugs. I got a hint from this article on PiE which suggests that comments and display:none elements will trigger the ghost-text bug. On that tip I found some elements that, when moved around or handled slightly differently in the CSS, it works. So that’s patched.

Also found that vert padding on the .inside elements for the left and right columns was triggering ghost elements to appear. moving that vert padding to the parent column block fixes the bug.



0 thoughts on “Le Bugs Le Gone

  1. Thanks for your work on this. I find it works great. I really like your layouts as they are clean and work very well across many browsers. I just noticed the latest updates today and was wondering, you mentioned that you would be updateing the templates to fix the one issue with needing an exta div, have you already done this?

    Also since I’m developing on top of your layouts for my own themes. If I come up with extra css sheets for it to do other things would you like those for your demo pages?

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