Filler : Music To Work By

Killed two spam posts. Ugh.

Totally hooked on the Grey Album, especially track 1, Public Service Announcement. I could listen to that thing on loop all day.

While we’re on the topic of music, a group I’m into right now is Schiller. I’ve been listening to the Weltreise and Leben discs an enjoying them both quite a bit. Weltreise of the Weltreise CD is very nice for some late-night chill music. Aufbruch (also from Weltreise) is a surprising and nice addition, with some dramatic string music. There’s some techno, some guitar, it’s very eclectic and that’s what makes it great.

I’ve also been digging Soul Train. “Nu Soul” I heard someone try to describe it ias. Lady Z / Z Star (however you address the lady) has got a great, smooth voice.

To keep myself grounded in the States lets not forget the Beastie Boys. I dig track one, Check It Out.

There’s a whole host of other musics I listen to while at work, mostly Smashing Pumpkins and more lounge, but these are the ones I’m out to share this week.


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