Imagine That

The background images demo has been updated to work with IE5/Mac and a fix was added for IE5.0.

IE5/Mac wasn’t showing the background images because I was using single quotes to encapsulate the URL strings in the bgImages stylesheet. Changing to double-quotes got IE5/Mac working like a charm.

IE5.0 wasn’t displayin the background image of the center column. In actuality, it was. The problem was that the #contentColumn block had a background color set in the v4 stylesheet. Setting this to transparent in the bgImages stylesheet fixed the problem and IE5.0/Win works like a charm.

As an aside, the misc. demos available on the skidoo layout site (with the exception of the headings demo) do not work under NN4 (and probably IE4). I will probably take a closer look at this sometime this week.

Last but not least, I now have a Gmail account. Thus my new e-mail address, and point of contact, is A big thanks to djmaniak777 for tossing me the invite. Thanks!


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