Patching Things Up

Just patched up the kernel from a newly discovered bug in many Linux kernels. I then set about running the demo code to see if the server would lock up, but the patch appears to have covered the problem.

It’s interesting to read of the different approaches to patch this bug. Some cater to the bug explicitly while others decide to drop anything that gets to a certain point in the execution of the kernel. Lots of using a shovel to perform delicate surgery types of approaches. But what’s in there right now works, and I can wait the week it will take for an official patch to be finalized.

Another, less critical, patch I had to take care of this morning was a 1px gap bug that A. Scott McCallum e-mailed me about over the weekend. My eyes or my monitor, or a combination of the two, kept me from noticing this until Scott came across it while trying to convert the layout to a left-side main column, right-side navigation column.

The fix was simple enough. The layout had margins set on a couple elements that were expecting a 3 column layout. Dropping the margin by 1px fixed it.

The code in question was in base.css

#innerColumnContainer, #contentColumn
margin: 0 -1px;
width: 100%;

Originaly that marginw as set to 0 -2px. Changing it to 0 -1px fixes the 1px gap problem with the Skidoo : 2 column layout.

Thanks for pointing that one out Scott!


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