Blogged Down

A year ago I despised blogs. Now I help run a local blog server and am into it up to my neck. WTF?

Due to MT’s need to go 100% commercial, I’ve started looking at alternative blog software. To that end I’ve set up a demo of WordPress here. Lots of upsides, such as being released under GPL. Presently one major downside is the lack of support for multiple blogs within 1 blog instance. Meaning that if I want more than one blog on a box I need to install separate copies of the WordPress software. Perhaps not a really big deal. I could certainly look into writing a script to automate the process at least somewhat.

Maybe edit wp-config.php so that the table name prefix is derrived by the current directory name, rather than having to hard-code that value in. Then, at the very most, an install would be a copy function and that’s it.

Keeping in theme, I’ve got a list of Blogger templates put together by djmaniak777. For anyone with a account, you can make use of these templates for your blog.

Now that the basic CSS is down for 2 and 3 column layouts, it’s probably time to try and focus on style rather than CSS. Kind of like my own css Zen Garden.


0 thoughts on “Blogged Down

  1. The link to the wordpress example returned a 404 for me. I am a fan of your layouts and would really like to move apply an existing skidoo layout to a new blog. Any suggestions?

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