2/3 Skidoo

Both 2 and 3 column versions of the new skidoo layout are now available.

I’ve made a minor addition to the CSS on both just now to include a quick fix for the IE italics bug which decided it wanted to still exist.

I tested both 2 and 3 column layouts on Opera 6.03 for Mac and they appear to render fine. I would assume Opera 6 on the PC would render fine as well. The fonts may be a big bigger than other browsers, but perhaps that isn’t a big deal.

I also tested the layouts on IE 4 and NS 4. They both display the layouts in a flat file format. All CSS being hidden from these version 4 browsers. I thought that this is the best way to go, at least for now. Perhaps when I get bored I’ll spend some time developing a separate CSS to at least get the 2 column working under NS4.

The blog, here, you can see has a new look. I’m just mucking around with it. The effect on the masthead in this column took more effort than it should. I’m already certain I could have done it differently and achieved a more compatible take. But for now it renders as intended in IE6/Win, Opera, Safari, IE5.2/Mac, and Mozilla. IE5/Win get just a standard h1 heading.

Maybe I’ll tweak things a bit more as time goes on. For now I just wanted to get away from the stock MT layout.

Oh, and I offer no warranty on all the sub-pages, the archives, etc, as they certainly don’t look great because of how the new layout ‘s CSS is arranged. Again, another for the todo list.

I also added some links in the left-hand column. Some of them I’m sure you’ve seen before. Others you might not of. Check them out, there’s a lot of cool stuff to see.



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