I give you, Skidoo : 3 Columns.

Skidoo is a nonsense name until/unless I come up with something better. I need to name the layouts something better than just “2/3 columns” because there’s different variations of each on Ruthsarian Layouts.

This is a complete version of the original test page I added here over the weekend. That test version actually has several bugs in it so don’t bother using it.

I’ll throw together a 2-column version and put it on the site soon, most likely tomorrow.

djmaniak777 e-mailed me to let me know that he’s converted the old 3-column layout for use on blogspot. The older 3 column layout functions great under Netscape 4, whereas the new layout just drops any attempt to keep the layout structure under version 4 browsers. So if you’re interested, and have a blogspot account, definately check out djmaniak777’s work.

Perhaps I may try to get something working with NS4 for the new approach to the 3 column layout. But a few quickies last night showed it might not be easy and I probably won’t get to it for a while, if ever.

This skidoo layout is probably going to get most of my focus for the next few weeks and will certainly become the Ruthsarian layout of choice. However all the current and old layouts will remain up there. At the very least, the early layouts show some different approaches to the same goal and I still think that background color mask approach could be very useful in later, more complex layouts.



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  1. Thanks for making the layouts available to public. The way you have the CSS segmented up it makes it very easy for me to understand how the CSS is working. Thanks for your effort.

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