Cleaning up

2col.colors has some new fixes applied to it.

I’ve gone through the hnav.css file cleaning that up a little bit and focusing hacks on their targeted platform as best I can. A hack for IE6/Win was screwing up the hnav bar in IE5/Win so I had to work some things out to reset/undo the hack in IE5/Win. In doing so I was able to remove a couple other reset hacks for Safari.

I use to use the case-insensitivity of IE5/Win to my advantage when trying to fix IE5/Win without hurting IE6/Win. However, Safari is case insensitive as well. So now I’m using the * html hack which only IE treats as valid. (There is should be no element heigher in the document structure than the html element. But IE seems to think there is.

I have also gone back to using a 100% tall block to cover the area below the footer for short-content pages. This means I had to apply a 100% height to the html and body elements to get Mozilla and Opera 7 working. But this causes problems with IE5/Mac so there’s a simple comment hack to block that section of CSS from being applied in IE5/Mac.

I’m now trying to rediscover what the hell I did to get the 100% tall block from not causing extra vertical scrolling under Mozilla. I know it had to do with floating the element, but there must have been something else as well. That’ll teach me for not taking more notes!

I still have no idea what I can do to fix the ~1em margin or padding that’s appearing at the bottom of the document’s column mask layer under Safari (and Opera 7 if you minimize then restore the window). The seem related, but may not be.

This same artifact exists in versions 1 and 2 of this layout. So I can at least be sure it’s not related to the content of the page nor a lot of the extra CSS added to accomadate the content. A lot of testing will have to be done to find a solution… if there is one.

That’s where things are right now. If I can rediscover the Mozilla fix I may be willing to consider this layout ready for use in the wild. It isn’t perfect… but what columned/CSS layout is?


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