The Mozilla fix is in place again. I have to set the position attribute of the bottom color mask to fixed. Doing this causes Mozilla to render the mask without adding to the height of the document. Thus removing the need to scroll the extra space.

Amazingly, this fix works with Safari as well. Nice.

Opera does not like this approach and so I have applied the Owen hack to hide it.

So Mozilla, Safari, and IE5+/Win are rendering the 2col.colors layout exactly as I want. Mozilla being my poison of choice I’m content to leave the layout as is and call it production ready. There are no major defects in the layout. The worst being the 100% tall box that some browsers will get. This does not affect the content or the flow of the document in any way – it’s just a nuisance.

But the Safari/Opera bottom padding bug still intrigues me. I would also like to find a hack to get Opera and IE5/Mac working properly.

IE5/Mac almost works with the Mozilla/Safari fix. On documents taller than the viewport, it works perfectly. However on documents shorter than the viewport, the hack is exposed and functions just like Opera’s repsonse to the fix.

Perhaps I can find a tweak that fixes both at the same time…


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