A little less butter, a lot more flavor

The bottom color mask with a height of 100% and a bottom margin of -100% gets IE5+/Win working exactly as I want it to with the 2col.colors layout.

Safari and Opera still exhibit that odd padding funk on the column color mask layer. Not sure what to do there.

Under IE5/Win I’m using the holly hack to get padding to work on the horizontal menu items. However, 1% is started to equal a height bigger than the menu’s height and it’s creating an unintended visual (d)ef(f)ect.

IE5/Mac picks up on the “hide from everything but IE” hack (using the * html selector) but it doesn’t respond to negative margins the way IE/Win does and thus a 100% tall area appears below the content of the page.

In mucking around with Opera/Moz I’ve set the mask to 10,000 pixels tall. This is because 100% doesn’t register since I don’t have a 100% height applied to the body element. I’m trying to see if this path leads to a solution, but if not, I can revert back to 100% height on the body element.

And I await the next Uru expansion pack and Myst IV.

Oh, and this blog server had another 1st this past week. Some bot added a spam comment to one of the threads on this blog. So we’ve done enough to get noticed by the spam kids. Yay.

That’s about all for now. Happy June.


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