Coloring The Web

The beta layout I’ve been working on is coming along. No background images used to create the columns’ background colors. We’re using all CSS. Very cool.

IE6/Win and Mozilla look cherry. IE5/Win and Opera have extra whitespace at the bottom, but considering everything, that’s pretty good. Safari I haven’t tested with the new updates yet, and IE5/Mac just shows a flat file because of how the CSS is being loaded. I’ll get that fixed soon enough.

I’m really looking for feedback on this one. Please add a comment and let me know what thoughts you have.


0 thoughts on “Coloring The Web

  1. Hey, it looks great in Firefox 0.8/Linux! In Konqueror 3.1.3, it displays kind of weird though; there’s a horizontal scroll bar, which shifts the header, footer, menus and text over about 1/2″, leaving the background colors and columns fixed.
    I appreciate the work you’ve done on this; I’m using the previous version of “2 cols w/footer” for my website. Thanks!

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