I’m attempting to create a version of the 2col.footer.v5 layout using the background color trick found in 2col.colors.v1 layout.

Going into this I realize browser compatibility may not be as good, so less CSS support (and perhaps hacks) will be used.

The problem I’m currently running into is finding a way to add padding after the footer. What I will probably have to do is add a 2em border to the footer block and create the black border on the footer by having another nested block that has that applied to it.

The work in progress can be seen here.

The navigational elements will be the last thing I add back in because I want to keep the layout simple as I develop the CSS.

Besides the footer issue there is a problem with getting the two color mask columns to line up exactly under IE. Once IE6 is lined up, and the footer padding is in place, I’ll start looking at older versions of IE and find out where I need to hack things up.

Right now Opera 6 and Mozilla seem to handle things just fine.


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