Oops there goes another stylesheet

2col_footer.v5 is shaping up well. Fixes are in place, including a textbook example of the Holly hack. I’m not a big fan of setting height to 1%, I much prefer the route of setting a width of 100%. With the div-inside-div approach, I can usually get away with that. However the left-hand nav in 2col_footer.v5 just wasn’t going to work. After putting that in I tested on all platforms available to me and everything seems to work fine.

I did have to include a minor update to get Safari from picking up an IE5.0 hack which caused the layout to break in Safari.

Also added some font fixes to get the left column looking better under NS4. (Everyone needs a hobby).

IE 4 looks horrible, but it’s functional. I’ll have to look into why the horizontal nav isn’t being displayed as such.


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