2 Column w/Footer Updates

Several updates to the 2 Column w/Footer v5 layout.

Thanks to a suggestion from Bruno Fassino I’ve used the Holly hack to get the horizonal navigation element to function in IE 5.0 exactly as expected. A few extra bits here and there had to be added to compensate for my use of the case-insensitivity of IE5/Win browsers. Safari is also case-insensitive, so fixes for Safari were added and several instances of the hide from IE5.0 hack were removed now that the :hover event is functioning as expected. Compatibility with this layout is getting better. I have not tested under Opera 5 although I would not be surprised if this layout breaks that version. I may work to further compatibility under IE4, which is poor right now, although the text is readable and the basic layout structure is still there.

The goal of a tableless layout that’s very compatible seems to be within reach, if it isn’t already.

I may brave my next feat, which is to use this trick and the layout I made as a sort of proof-of-concept to get this 2 column layout 100% image free and still support background colors that carry the full height of each column.

Compatibility? HAH! What will most likely happen is if I do make such an attempt is to hide CSS from as many older browsers as possible, making users of those browsers see a dull black on white, flat layout page. This may include IE 5 on the Mac, as the proof-of-concept layout does not currently work on IE5/Mac.

And maybe I’ll go download Opera 5 now and see what the 2col.v5 looks like.


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